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Commonly Asked Questions


We are worried about Mom living at home alone this winter, but there are so many choices, how will we make the right decision?

A.  Let us help you decide based on your need level. Give us a call and we can walk you through a simple check list or visit with you to understand your specific circumstances.


If Mom goes into a facility following her broken ankle, can she ever go home to live again?

A.  Of course, it is up to her, her family and her physician to determine when she is able to go back home, or to a lesser level of care.  The nursing facility will work with everyone to coordinate the progress with her overall plan to return home or to a lesser level of care.  Nursing homes have a revolving door, and we delight in our people getting better and going home. Our therapy department can also do an “home eval” to determine the safety of returning home, or what changes could be made to make going home a safe option.


Mom just doesn’t have enough money to pay for all of her needs.  How do we begin the process of checking all of this out?

A.  I would suggest you visit with an eldercare attorney, with your LIFE office, or the Social Services office in your county. Then be sure the facility you chose will accept Medicaid or Medicaid pending! Also, do they have all their beds certified or will she be moved into a different room or into a ward when she changes status?


My parents have worked all their lives, and yet I am afraid their current assets  just won’t  last when they are both in the nursing facility.  If they know this, I am afraid they will be so embarrassed. They have always hated the thought of being “On the County”! Do they need to know they are on Medicaid?

A.  This varies from facility to facility.  Not all facilities certify all of their beds, so residents must be moved if their finances change.


How do you deal with this at your facilty?

A. At Sunrise, we certify all of our beds except two private rooms (which neither Medicare or Medicaid will pay for). We feel that finances are a very private issue to be discussed between the resident and their financial advisor. Very few of our staff even know who is Medicaid and who is private.


Our family gets together once a year in the summer at the family farm.  Could Grandpa come home for a few days or must he be back every night?

A.  If Grandpa is private pay, he may spend as much time out of the facility as he would like. If he is Medicaid, he can have 18 nights out of the facility that are termed “Therapeutic Home Visits.” Family is so important, and this does not change with a change of address!  We only ask that you let us know enough in advance to have medications prepared.


If you have any other questions, please address them to our admissions coordinator Michelle Oxley (ext. 227).