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Phone: (402) 761-3230

Fax: (402) 761-3283

Mailing Address

Sunrise Country Manor
P.O. Box A
610 224th Rd.
Milford, NE 68405



Respite Care


Short Term Care (Day or Night)

Let us act as your second family. At Sunrise, we open our home to provide a helping hand. Generally lasting from 6 to 8 hours, our respite care can also be shortened or extended to suit your schedule.  


Services include lunch (special diets are observed with all meals), as well as one bath per 5-day week. We also provide a designated place for rest after lunch.  Participation in any and all of our activities is always welcome.


The same services apply for our overnight care. Bath services and breakfast are available if desired.

Note: Any medications needed during the day should come from home in a pharmacy labeled medication bottle. Any care needs such as assistance to toilet, cutting up food, assisting with bib, monitoring med intake and weekly vital signs are considered part of the daily plan and are included. Doctor visits, special  incontinent needs, special dressings, therapies, diabetic monitoring or wandering management will be billed at a pre-agreed upon amount in addition to the daily rate.


Special Services


Bath and Brunch

Enjoy our whirlpool bathtub, friendly staff and complimentary bathing products. Brunch will be provided and there is an open invitation to any activities that are going on in the facility.


Note: Any special shampoos, soaps or lotions will need to be provided by the client. If whirlpool jets are used during bathing, a physician’s note is required.



We love company and are very proud of our meals, so we would love to have you join us! Meals are available up to three times a day. Each person may also invite one visitor to share a meal for free. If you are expecting a group, we prefer a call a day ahead, but shorter notice can be accommodated.



For a minimal fee, Sunrise will gladly provide transportation to and from our facility. Most cases only need 24-hour notice. Our driver will accompany the client to and from their front door in our company car or wheelchair accessible van.


Ca(ring) Club

This free service provides a daily phone call to ensure your well-being and to share the daily BINGO number. A membership card with important emergency information will be presented to each member. Members are also entitled to:

  • Monthly home visits by a professional nurse for questions and blood pressure check
  • Monthly therapeutic whirlpool bath (with transportation if needed)
  • Invitations to all facilities community events (with transportation if needed)
  • Invitations to special in-house activities, such as music programs, BINGO games, etc.
  • Discounted prices on our ancillary services